River Fishing

The Dionard (Djer-nard) is a spate river and benefits from rain. The river is divided into six beats, including Loch Dionard itself, each of which supports a maximum of two rods.

Access to the river is via the track (built in 1989) which serves beats 3 to 6 and about half of beat 2. Access to beat 1 is either by car (which can be left at Rhigolter bridge) or by walking from beat 2.

Transport leaves for the river at 0930 each day, with fishers being dropped off at their respective beats en route. Fishers are transported back to the lodge at around 1730. Of course, you can stay out as long as you like if you don't mind walking back to the lodge but the final hill is quite a pull after a long day - and never more so than when you have fish to carry!

Each beat has its own very distinct character.

Beat 6 - The Loch
Loch Dionard is some 65 acres in size with a maximum depth of around 16 feet. It is fed by the the 'Gober Burn' at the South Eastern end and by huge cascades of water that fall from the 'Plat Reidh' to the West. The loch fishes well for both Salmon and Sea Trout and benefits from a wind. Gualin has one boat on the loch together with a Ghillie and outboard motor. There is some splendid Sea Trout fishing to be had here and the adventurous can opt to spend a night in 'Loch View' - the estate's bothy on the shores of the loch itself. There is accommodation for three and cooking facilities are available. Other facilities are more basic and involve a short walk outside.

Beat 5 - Yorks
Considered the wildest beat on the river, Yorks has great fishing in higher waters. The river is relatively narrow here, crystal clear and right up against the hills which almost plunge into the river itself. This isn't so much fishing as hunting. Every rise, every swirl, every flicker of interest can be seen through gin-clear waters. The remoteness of this part of the river, the sound of waterfalls in the hills above and the action in the river itself will never be forgotten.

Beat 4 - Shien Faire (She-an Fairy)
Here the river widens and enters excellent pools such as the Salmon Pool, the Willow Pool, Rosemary's Run and, of course, Shien Faire itself - a great holding pool in which a great deal of excitement has been had over the years.

Beat 3 - Heather Point
Considered by some as the most prolific beat, there is almost a surfeit of fine fishing here with the great Heather Point itself at the top end and other notable pools such as the Grilse Pool, Upper Bend, the Danes and the Stone Pools below.

Beat 2 - Flat Pool & The Craggies

At the Flat Pool, the water slackens before beginning its tumultuous passage through the Craggies. The Flat pool itself is a great favourite amongst fishers and there are classic 'taking places' a plenty. Other notables are the Stone Pool, Green Point, Upper Craggie, the Macphersons and the famous Middle Craggie itsel.
Of course, individual fishers always have their own favourites - usually where they have bagged fish themselves! As on all the beats other than 1, there is a comfortable hut for lunch close to the roaring waters that rush from the Flat Pool to the Upper Craggie.

Beat 1 - Rhigolter
For the adventurous, the Craggie potholes mark the upper extremity of the beat. The river calms somewhat after this point before flowing through exciting pools such as the Otter Pool, the Gualin Burn pool (a personal favourite), the Raven, the Taghan and finally the Island Pool at the lower end. Beat one has been much improved by the estate in the last 15 years and has many devoted fans.

The Beat System
Each fisher is allocated a beat at the start of each week. At the end of each day you then move down one beat. This means that at the end of a week, you will have fished the entire length of the river. Each beat must be vacated by 0200 the following morning - important to remember if you're out indulging in a little late sea-trout fishing.
Wading is discouraged as we are doing our best to keep the river bed as undisturbed as possible in order to encourage those organisms at the bottom of the salmon food chain.
Fly Fishing & Returns Policy
The entire system is fly only. In common with most highland estates these days, the owners request that fishers behave responsibly over their catch. At the end of the season the estate hopes that at least 70% of fish will have been returned, especially all large hen fish. Therefore we ask for salmon over 7lbs and all Sea Trout to be returned.

rout Fishing

There is a boat on the lochan closest to the Lodge. All tenants may fish these lochans without extra charge. There is a charge of £10 for visitors who have not taken beats on the river.

atches - 2013
In 2013 the catches were 237 Salmon and 92 Sea Trout. 

Sea Fishing
Excellent sea fishing can be arranged through the resident keeper, Duncan Shaw and Sea Bass are present in the Kyle of Durness.